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  • Essential pickup truck accessory.
  • STEP-N-SECURE® easily fits into most pickup beds stake hole.
  • Simple installation.
  • Works as lift handle to assist stepping up to pickup bed, and tie down post to secure pickup bed cargo.




About our product

Pickup Truck enthusiasts; we are pleased to introduce STEP-N-SECURE®. A unique, and affordable pickup truck accessory designed to both assist in stepping up onto your truck bed and securing your cargo once it is loaded.

With a quick and simple installation, the STEP-N-SECURE® handle will add greater functionality to your already versatile pick-up truck.

Load your truck bed with ease


Multi Use
Unique and Affordable

Silverado Colorado

GM 1500 & 2500
2000 – current


GM 3500
2000 – current


2000 – current


Dodge RAM
2000 – current


Jeep Gladiator
2000 – current


The STEP-N-SECURE® is not compatible with rail and pickup bed covers that block access to stake bed hole.

Trucks equipped with plastic bedrail trim covers may have variations in the stake bed hole opening of the trim part. Click here to download template for trimming.

Make sure to review the installation videos before purchasing. We are here to assist you, please call 941-216-5578 with any questions.

Call or email to inquire about other model year applications.

Installation video for Chevy 1500, 2500 & Colorado Series.

Installation video for Ford, Jeep Gladiator and Dodge.

Email for Jobber / Wholesale Inquiry:

“I have a Dodge 2500 I needed anchor help me in the to get in back of my truck. I like it.” – Keith

“I would recommend it to everyone even without a lifted truck, it feels sturdy and strong, it doesn’t wiggle around it’s great.” – Michael

“Great truck bed handle.” – Tim

“StepNSecure is a great hand up for your pickup” – Jim

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the STEP-N-SECURE handle removable?

A: Yes, the handle is removable. Simply unfasten the stainless steel safety screw and the STEP-N-SECURE handle can be pulled out.

Q: Which pick up trucks are compatible?

​A: The STEP-N-SECURE handle will fit the following pick-up trucks: Jeep Gladiator, GM 1500 & 2500, GM 3500, Ford F-Series, Dodge RAM for model years 2000 – current year.

Q: Will the STEP-N-SECURE fit in all truck bed holes?

​A: The STEP-N-SECURE is not compatible with rail covers and pickup bed covers that block access to stake bed hole.

Q: How far does the STEP-N-SECURE measure from the bed rail to the top of the handle?

​A: The STEP-N-SECURE measures eight inches above the bed rail.

Q: Are instructions available?

​A: Yes, each kit includes installation instructions and there are HOW-TO-INSTALL videos on the website that we recommend viewing before purchase. A downloadable trim template is available HERE.

Q: More questions?

​A: Call 941-216-5578 to speak to a customer service representative between 9am and 4pm from Monday – Friday.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like to become a reseller, please submit your information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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